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  1. CAUTION: DO NOT STORE COMBUSTIBLES ( gasoline, diesel, propane gas,solvents, paint, paint thinner, etc.)
  2. The floors in our storage buildings are concrete. Concrete tends to "sweat" when there is moisture in the air. Store boxes and furniture on pallets, boards or plastic to prevent moisture damage from the concrete surface.
  3. To minimize dust and dirt damage to your furniture and electronics, you should wrap or cover these items with plastic.
  4. When storing a refrigerator or freezer, please make sure that the appliance is empty and clean. Also, you should tape the door(s) ajar. By keeping the door(s) open slightly, you will avoid getting unwanted odors that are hard to get rid of when you are ready to remove from storage.
  5. Furniture such as sofas and love seats can be stored on end to save floor space. Make sure to store on pallets, wood boards or plastic of some kind to prevent damage from concrete. Also, cover such furniture with plastic.
  6. Mattresses should stand on end and on top of pallets, wood boards or plastic. Make sure they are covered with plastic or mattress covers. Also, you should pack mattresses "tightly" between other furniture to prevent the mattress from losing its shape, bending, becoming "lumpy", etc.
  7. Plan your storage space. Always store items that you may need to access frequently near the front of the storage unit or allow a small walkway.
  8. Make an inventory of all items in your storage unit or videotape all of your goods and store in a safe place away from the storage unit. Also, clearly mark all boxes with the contents for future reference.
  9. Always store lighter boxes on top of heavier boxes and tape all boxes tightly.
  10. ALWAYS keep your unit locked when you are not at the unit.
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